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Please note that the data reported on Stimulus.Alabama.gov is intended to show the most current information available and to present the taxpayer with a representation of how stimulus funds are being used. Certain State government amounts may be inconsistent with Federal government amounts due to differing reporting periods between the Federal and State governments. The mapping application is specifically facilitated by the State Recovery Team in conjunction with the Alabama Geospatial Office and is a representation of information updated on a quarterly basis.  All data derives from the Recovery.gov federal extract that is released to the public approximately one month after the quarterly reporting period.

The information provided in the dropdown box and “Executive Summary Report” is based on monthly updates provided by each State agency and 4-year higher education institution that receives stimulus funds. Funding that does not flow directly through State government is not included in the “Executive Summary Report.” For example, a Federal agency may have allocated funding directly to a local government or business that the State does not manage. State managed dollars as well as direct federal-to-local funding may be found on the “Funding by Location” report which provides a more comprehensive listing of amount awarded, received, and expended by Primary Place of Performance.